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Latest news from the salvage operations

“Good progress at both prospect areas…”

“The Salvage vessel has now been back on site for 4 days; arriving as the weather fell back into parameters. After the ships Dynamic Positioning was (DP) set-up we were able to return immediately to subsea operations as predicted.

During the transit back to site the additional personnel taken onboard were fully inducted and briefed along with the extra salvage equipment being integrated and function tested. The uplift in equipment and personnel has now allowed us to double our salvage capabilities whereby we run simultaneous operations (SIMOPS) at both prospect areas in unison.Dredging operations at prospect area A has uncovered a vast amount of crockery in the form of plates, cups and teapots which were found below many bales of cotton and rolls of silk, all of which was being exported at the time. Our Senior Archaeologist onboard has discovered the history behind all the china which dates back to the turn of the 20th century.

Meanwhile the area above prospect B is systematically being removed; the team have already breached two decks and expect to reach the target deck within the coming week.The weather remains in favour, and good progress at both prospect areas will continue to be made; the team onboard are becoming increasingly more excited as every day worked is a day closer to the targets”.

Will Carrier | COO