They've only gone and won it! Twice!


SmartTrade wins TWO Payment Awards at the 2019 Payment Awards last night.

SmartTrade App won in two categories last night at the 2019 Payment Awards:

  • Most Disruptive Payments Technology
  • Payments Pioneer Award

The 2019 Shortlist:

"It's very exciting, not only from an accomplishment point of view, but for a company who's looking to take over the world by providing their technology to others, we couldn't have won better and more relevant awards than Most Disruptive Payments Tech and Gary's individual Payments Pioneer award. If that's not a testament to a company you should be licensing technology from, then I don't know what is! 2020 will be a killer year for SmartTrade!" - Kent Vorland | CEO SmartTrade App

"An excellent achievement from an excellent company. I think I speak on behalf of all ABC Members that we are incredibly proud to have ownership in this wonderful company" - Kieran Chong