The results are in - Success!


Ridercam surpasses sales projections by far

2018 could not start in a better way. One of our first installations in Australia delivers great results. Our system was installed in 2017 on a new HyperCoaster, DC RIVALS in the Warner Bros. MovieWorld theme park south of Brisbane, Australia.

January 2018 was the first full month of operation and a first indication of what to expect in regards to video sales and functionality.
And it all works like a dream. Nothing to report in regards to functionality and very promising sales figures. Ridercam had projected sales of videos to 375 movies sold and a net income of 844 AUSD, the result was 2.238 videos sold and a revenue to Ridercam totaling 7.596 AUSD. Impressive results despite the fact that the pricing (decided by MovieWorld) is, according to Ridercam too aggressive.

"We believe the sales figures could be even greater with a more moderate pricing strategy and thus pushing volume and increasing total revenue. But we are of course very pleased with these results, which is a proof-of-concept in regards to both strategy and system. Our pricing strategy for our upcoming installations in China comprises both short and long videos with prices ranging from €12 to €25."

Julian Omonsky | Commercial Manager

"The tallest, longest and fastest! One of the world's best HyperCoasters! Ride it now! Warner Bros. Movie World presents the DC Rivals HyperCoaster, the greatest theme park attraction the Southern Hemisphere has ever seen!"