Britannia’s Gold Ltd

Update from Britannia’s Gold

The team have made use of the strong winds and 10 meter seas by temporarily bringing the vessel into port to collect essential equipment, spares and provisions. This will allow for a sustained period of uninterrupted work once the vessel arrives back at site with calmer weather in the coming days.

“After an intensive mobilisation period loading, installing and testing all salvage equipment, the vessel transited to site 1 and was fully operational for 15 days straight. After initial as-found surveys were completed the team commenced with the removal of approximately 200 tons of overburden from prospect area ‘A’ which then allowed access for the cutting of deck plates and bulkheads. The next phase at prospect ‘A’ is to dredge out the many decades worth of silt and remove further overburden to expose access to the cargo hold. Initial works have commenced on the second prospect area ‘B’ with overburden removal, this is progressing well and will now move forward in parallel with works at prospect ‘A’. We will soon be back at site and expect to remain self-sufficient at sea for about 6 weeks.” 

Will Carrier | COO | Britannia's Gold Ltd